Thursday, May 11, 2017

Yeah, I Need to Get Out of Here

I thought that maybe I just needed to actively settle into my job, but despite the good days, there are moments when I'm legitimately ready to walk out and not return. I don't like the number of people I have to constantly deal with. I don't like my director or the way he decides to phrase things when he talks to me. My Timehop shows me counting down to my leaving my last job (my last day was a year ago tomorrow), and now I'm regretting leaving it, even though I desperately needed a full time job. I keep thinking, "Well, what if I had looked harder for another part time?" Did I do all I needed to? I hate second guessing myself. In 5 days, I can apply to another department. Just 5. They'll go by quickly (hopefully not the weekend portion).

1 comment:

  1. Sorry your current job is such a headache. Keeping my fingers crossed for you for the other department!