Friday, March 10, 2017

To Meet or Not To Meet??

Tomorrow is supposed to be the official first meeting for my Demis & Aces group. I don't know if anyone's going; they haven't RSVP'd so far, and the deadline is tonight. It's snowing here, so if it sticks, I don't want the person from Wilmington coming down here. People are notorious for getting in accidents in the snow here.

I'm also nervous about meeting new people. I joined the Asexuality Visibility & Education Network, an online community. The people are really nice there, but I just have to close my laptop, and they're gone. I can't do that with people face-to-face (only an impulsive introvert like me would start a group and then be chicken about it). So hopefully, all goes well. *shrug*


  1. So did you go or not? Conversations with strangers is definitely not my strong point. Best strategy: ask questions.