Thursday, March 30, 2017

MeetUp Not Working

Well, I thought creating a MeetUp for demisexuals was a good idea, but one thing about Delawareans is their affinity for showing interest in something and then not actually acting on it. I still have 3 members, but no one RSVP'd to the last MeetUp I setup. I might try one more event, and then shut it down. It's money I could be using on something else right now.

Maybe they're all introverts and would rather not look at each other, ha. That possibility is huge. I did turn them to the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network, which is a bigger forum for aces and other a-spectrumites, so if I shut down unexpectedly, I won't feel badly about it. As a matter of fact, let me go visit there now.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Self-Evaluations and the Weekend

So today, I had to do a self-evaluation of my work performance. =\ I'd say I've never heard of such, but my mom's worked here since I was a child, and I've heard her complain about it. It's the dumbest thing you could make an employee do. One of the questions was do I see myself staying in this career in the next 1-3 years. I said no. Hopefully they keep me until I find another job.

My friend is opening for Marvin Sapp at the 76ers' Gospel Night this Friday. I'll be reading during the game. I'd love to just go to Paolo's, get a slice of pizza that won't cost me a foot, and go to the concert, but it's all or nothing.

While my younger sister and I are there being supportive and patient, my older sister is hosting her pre-wedding festivities (I'd very much like to catch her at the hookah bar, but Payday is next week), and Saturday is the Big Day! I'll get excited maybe as we're sitting there.

Friday, March 10, 2017

To Meet or Not To Meet??

Tomorrow is supposed to be the official first meeting for my Demis & Aces group. I don't know if anyone's going; they haven't RSVP'd so far, and the deadline is tonight. It's snowing here, so if it sticks, I don't want the person from Wilmington coming down here. People are notorious for getting in accidents in the snow here.

I'm also nervous about meeting new people. I joined the Asexuality Visibility & Education Network, an online community. The people are really nice there, but I just have to close my laptop, and they're gone. I can't do that with people face-to-face (only an impulsive introvert like me would start a group and then be chicken about it). So hopefully, all goes well. *shrug*