Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Applying for Jobs

In other news, I am starting to apply to jobs that are more focused on writing.

I'm tired of being a professional secretary. Most of the time, I'm the middle man, and I'm the type of person who typically says, "Why don't you ask THEM," and unfortunately, it's my job to be the middle man.

Every day I wake up and realize I'm still an administrative assistant, I cringe and want to get back in bed, or run away and just write. I'm tired of taking messages, of sending out e-mails about when people want to meet, keeping a bunch of stuff that doesn't interest me in my headspace that's already pretty crowded.

So I'm praying that I'll see more jobs where writing is needed, so I can put myself out there.

Again, wish me luck!

I Made A Meetup

I decided to start a group on Meetup, as I didn't see any specifically for demisexuals or asexuals in my area. At first, I didn't know if anyone would join, but I wanted to be proactive with this and find others like me out here.We live in a world where "sex sells," and if we don't buy it there's no alternative, so it's difficult to brush off sometimes. These issues aren't something anyone else I know would understand. It seems small, but when you see it over and over again, and people ask you when you're going to find someone or why you're single, etc., etc. all the time, it can get frustrating.

So I created Demis & Aces of Delaware. The same day that the Meetup admins approved the group and broadcasted it, I had a request for someone to join! I was so thrilled. Sunday, I received another request! I hope there will be more to come. I think this will be good for me and for the others.

Wish me luck. <3

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Monday, February 20, 2017

Things I Need To Do

I need a new job. I'm applying for non-administrative assistant jobs because I'm tired of being someone's secretary. I've done it for long enough. I wish more jobs in the state catered to other fields, but we're small.

I need to figure out if I'm going to oversee our church's website team. People don't often listen to me, and I get frustrated easily, so I really need to take some time to think of it.

I need to not be on Twitter as much so I can focus on reading and writing. I've lost myself a little in a lot of things, and I want to go back to a simpler time in social media. So I will.

I need to get out more but to places fit for me. Part of me knows it's considered weird to like being in the house all day. Another part doesn't care but I also know if I want to build a social life and meet a guy, the only ones I'll meet at my house deliver mail or food, so...I need to go to the mountain. I might go to a writer's workshop in Philly in April. Definitely going to some cons. I've started doing 5k's, so I'm at least among the population.

I need to get back into shape, which is hard in my 30s because I don't necessarily care but at the same time do, so there's that. My joints are starting to ache, too, so I might want to work on talking care of myself.

And now, I need to go to sleep.