Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Job Prospects

About 18 months ago, I decided to leave a job in a place I loved. The part of me not worried about my bills regrets it daily.

I was a casual seasonal administrative specialist. The other admins were full-time, but my department was low maintenance and didn't need a full-time admin. This was fine for me. I knew if I stayed long enough, there would be a chance for advancement. I even knew in which department I wanted to be in, so while I wasn't wishing for the admin currently there to leave, I knew I wanted her job.

Then, she got another job. I told my manager that I wanted the position. She was all for it. The other manager, however, decided they weren't going to reopen the position and were making it an administrator position instead...but they would still need my help. So, I patiently helped both departments and looked for another part-time job, but I was about to lose one of my roommates, so sadly, I needed to pursue a full-time job.

So, here I am, fairly unhappy, but my bills are getting paid, at least. I tend to know after a couple of months whether I want to stay somewhere, and I don't. I'd love to move into the marketing department, which judging by their daily newsletters, they need a proofreader, but nothing's open there. At my old job, they've finally posted that administrator position. I'm hoping beyond hope that another admin position pops up there, so I can go back (I know at least one of those ladies was supposed to retire while I was there!). I'm also looking at jobs that focus more on writing and editing, but many in the area require years of experience, and I've spent my years not realizing I could have been doing a writing job all this time.

All in all, I will keep working and searching. I want to look forward to going to work every day again.

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